Top 10 most anticipated cultural events

The full list of “events that cannot be missed” according to Time Out consists of 22 items. “This is our guide to the most exciting events taking place around the world next year. It includes monumental new museums and attractions, the long-awaited return of beloved festivals, theatrical blockbuster productions, and more,” said Caroline McGinn, Editor-in-Chief of Time Out.

We offer you to get acquainted with the top ten rating.

House of Gainsbourg, Paris, France

Topping the list is Maison Gainsbourg, which gives fans a glimpse into the home of musician and cultural icon Serge Gainsbourg. Closed to the public after Gainsbourg’s death in 1991, early next year the interior of French singer Serge Gainsbourg’s famous (and controversial) Parisian townhouse will finally open as a museum dedicated to his life and work. The guide emphasizes that the main attraction of the museum will be “Serge’s famous eccentric living room with its piano, art deco bar and huge collection of sculptures.”

House of Hungarian Music, Budapest, Hungary

The house of Hungarian music, which Time Out called “a stunning new concert hall”, is due to open in early 2022. The guidebook states: “The Sou Fujimoto House of Hungarian Music in the City Park has a perforated roof with approximately 100 cavities that allow natural light and sound to enter the two concert halls, exhibition spaces and the library.” Travel experts note that the building has “magnificent spiral staircases and an all-glass façade.”

Exhibition “Gabrielle Chanel: Fashion Manifesto”, Melbourne, Australia

According to Time Out, Gabrielle Chanel: Fashion Manifesto exhibition is the first exhibition in Australia “dedicated exclusively to the life and work of 20th-century French designer Gabrielle (aka Coco) Chanel.” The exhibition will run until April 25 at the National Gallery of Victoria in collaboration with the leading fashion museum in Paris – Palais Galliera. The guide states: “Melbourne will be the first city outside of France to host this epic touring show, showcasing over 100 pieces of Chanel clothing and showcasing Coco’s enduring influence on fashion, perfume, jewelery and accessory design. And all this with a unique multimedia interpretation.”

Florist Show 2022, Almere, Netherlands

Floriade Expo 2022 is “a once-a-decade horticultural show.” The event, which starts on April 14, revolves around the theme of Growing Green Cities. Known as the world’s greatest flower show, the new custom-built waterfront facility will include countless pavilions, an arboretum, a magnificent greenhouse complex and a rich arts and culture program.

Exhibition “Regeneration: Black Cinema 1898-1971” at the Academy Museum, Los Angeles, USA

“The Academy Museum’s next exhibition, debuting in the second half of 2022, will focus on almost an entire century of cinema that is often forgotten,” says Time Out. The exhibition is a collaboration between the Academy Museum and the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington DC. The guide says that “Regeneration” immerses in the work of black filmmakers from the beginning of the film industry to the era of civil rights.

National Museum of Norway, Oslo, Norway

Would you like to visit the largest museum in Northern Europe? The new National Museum of Norway will receive this title in June 2022, according to Time Out. The museum will feature a collection of 100,000 items, including: Munch’s The Scream, the 1150 Baldishol Norwegian tapestry, and many Flemish Golden Age landscapes. The guide notes: “Beyond the art, the building itself takes visitors breath away with its 2,400 square meter Hall of Light, made of shimmering marble glass.”

Broadway Museum, New York, USA

The brand new Broadway Museum is “the first institution dedicated to the history of the ‘Great White Way’ known as Broadway.” According to Time Out, the new tourist attraction will appeal to avid theater fans as well as tourists who have come to New York to see the play. The guide states: “The museum’s three sections will include a map room showing how the theater scene has migrated around the city over the years, another space illustrating the development of the Broadway art form through various artefacts and artwork, and finally a ‘behind the scenes’ an area where you can see the professionals who make the show every day.”

Party at World’s End, Vestfjords, Iceland

Detour Discotheque, named by Time Out as “the most remote club night”, will take place in the remote fishing village of Tingeyri in Iceland’s Westfjords for just two nights. The guide states: “April 29 and 30, DJs from Iceland, the US and the UK will play to a small audience of 160, drawing inspiration from 1970s New York City discos.” Time Out adds that “Party at the End of the World” will be the first in a series of parties in remote locations around the world.

Taipei Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan

The 59,000 square meter Taipei Performing Arts Center will open in summer 2022. That’s seven years behind the original date, but Time Out says the cultural center is sure to wow visitors. “It looks like an industrial pie with a giant silver sphere protruding towards the nearby metro station, which houses an 800-seat play theater, a 1,500-seat grand theater, and an 800-seat multipurpose theater,” Time Out elaborates.

Traveling along the Silk Road by train, Tashkent – ​​Khiva, Uzbekistan

Next Uzbekistan will expand its railway. This means travelers will be able to follow the legendary Venetian merchant Marco Polo’s high-speed rail route, according to Time Out. The route will pass “through Uzbekistan, from the capital Tashkent to western Khiva, whose 94 mosques and 63 madrasahs make it a UNESCO World Heritage Site.