Three life lessons from rock musicians

What Celebrity Biography Books Can Teach — And Why We Recommend Reading Them

As time goes by, musical preferences change. Back in the 50s of the last century, jazz was playing in the clubs, and the girls wore elegant dresses with polka dots. This was replaced by rock with its confident pitch and constant rhythm. It was not a sudden change in tastes, but rather a smooth transition from one style to another, rebuilding familiar music in a new way. Dresses were replaced by jeans, tattoos and T-shirts, and the air smelled of freedom and change.

Some rock bands were created, others broke up. Everyone wanted to become famous, because it guaranteed income, recognition and a crowd of fans. But, as you know, success is a combination of hard work, dedication, and a small amount of luck. Rock music is no exception. Someone managed to climb to the top thanks to hard work and perseverance, while someone had to stay on the margins of history. Business does not forgive mistakes, and even more so music. Biographies of rock musicians are not about constant drinking and anti-social antics. These are stories about the path to the stars through thorns. These guys clearly have a couple of tricks to take note of. See for yourself.

AC/DC. Be persistent. Be cruel. Be loyal to your family

The Young brothers never liked show business. They played by their own rules and didn’t let anyone near them. There is only a family, and everyone around is a stranger. Be confident, otherwise you will be eaten. A difficult childhood in poverty and the street taught them these lessons well.

The exceptional insularity of AC/DC, like that of its founding brothers the Young, has often been fertile ground for rumors. Mick Wall, one of the most prominent journalists in the world of the music industry, dispelled the myths with impartial logic and facts. In a hard and blunt style, like the brothers themselves, he described the story of how ordinary guys from a small town have firmly entered the history of music. The author paid special attention to Bon Scott, who made an invaluable contribution to the development of the group at the stage of formation. Every bottle of beer drunk by the band members, every chord taken on the guitar, every obstacle that had to be faced on the way to the goal – Mick Wall did not miss anything.

Blink-182. Fight even when everything goes to hell

Life often turns its back on us. Today you are on the wave of success and recognition, and the next day you think about where to get money for food. No one is immune from such cases. Especially stars as big as Travis Barker.

In his autobiography, he talks about those things that left an indelible mark on his life. The book reveals all the ups and downs of the legendary drummer and member of Blink-182, and also contains a large number of interviews with friends and relatives of the musician, which makes it possible to look at events from different angles. Addiction to drugs, fear of flying, death of a loved one, a plane crash, followed by a difficult struggle for life and a long recovery.

It is worth noting that at some point Barker was ready to pay a million dollars to someone who would end his suffering. However, the very next year after the disaster, Travis announced his return. By personal example, he proved that it is always worth fighting, even when there are almost no chances left. The pure truth under the harsh drum roll – this is how the biography of a real rock musician should look like.

radiohead. Individuality is the key to success

For over 25 years, Radiohead have been a true phenomenon on the world stage. Their music is as unusual as they are. Quiet, unassuming, polite Oxford teetotalers, whose music resounds in the hearts of millions of fans. It would seem that rock and intelligence never intersect with each other. Radiohead proved otherwise.

Barney Hoskins’ book contains no direct narration. The author got creative. With the help of dozens of articles, interviews, essays and reviews, the reader seems to travel back in time, observing the most significant events in the life of the band: from enthusiastic comments from critics to a sincere interview where vocalist Thom Yorke directly talks about suffering a nervous breakdown. Surprising as it may seem, the originality of Radiohead extends to everything, including the books that write about them.