5 most expensive concert shows

So, who do you think comes first? Which star’s concert requires about $1,000 to get into? And is it worth it? In continuation, the three most expensive concerts are not only in terms of ticket prices, but also in terms of organizing the event itself.

Concert shows of world significance, as a rule, are a litmus test of the level of greatness of a star. After all, nowhere is such an atmosphere of unity with the public, such energy and such frenzied dedication achieved. Enthusiastic fans literally roar with delight to see how the star rushes about for the third hour in a row and changes outfits sweating.

The musicians do not take care of their ligaments and erase their fingers on the keys to calluses, the sky lights up with a fire show, and social networks are full of photos and enthusiastic reviews in the morning. Reading on duty all sorts of author’s texts and reviews of concert shows, I noticed that, as a rule, there is little negativity in them – in 90% of cases, the reviews are only positive. There is only one reason for this – big money.

A person who pays a large amount for a ticket is simply obliged to break away and feel happy, and the organizers, in turn, must show the power and brilliance of their talent to the fans and the world and ignite it in such a way as to sell their albums for a long, long time.

 Barbara Streisand

The legendary singer and actress, despite her age, decided to show off in the end and gave her farewell concert in New York, spending $ 15 million on this. 20 minutes according to the assurances of the concert hall staff. Loyal fans, in the best Russian tradition, queued up at 7 am, buying tickets for $1,000 to the stalls, and when there was no choice left, tickets to the VIP zones sold out for $1,500-2,000.

Numerous people who came from the farthest corners of the world said that they did not spare the money and called the show “one of the most touching and beautiful moments in their lives”, because they remembered their youth. Barbara’s repertoire mainly consisted of songs from past years and her melodies from famous films, which was just right for the format of a farewell concert.

 Led Zeppelin

When the legendary band broke up in 1980 due to the death of one of its members, the news that they were playing a concert in 2007 was like a bolt from the blue. For a huge number of people who wanted to come, a special lottery and route tours were organized. People were not scared away by prices starting at a thousand dollars, and on the black market they started at two thousand.

People stood in queues for many kilometers and received a bracelet on their hand along with the long-awaited ticket, and the very fact of the concert was not called anything other than a miracle. To say that all this was in vain is impossible. Having spent about 18 million on the organization of the concert, the musicians, not paying attention to their gray hair, also famously sawed out guitar solos, and despite their age they worked live.

There were no back-singing and back-dances, the sixty-year-old bassist, in the third hour of the concert, was running around the stage, not paying attention to the sweat pouring from his forehead, and the devoted fans, apparently, did not regret the money spent at all.


To remind who the queen of pop music, diva and just the goddess of the stage in every respect, Madonna in Kyiv decided on such a grand scale that people sold cars and other necessary things to get to her concert.

Strong and powerful images, hits that made her name, Madonna served under the sauce of huge stage scenery, a company of dancers, magnificent and colorful costumes and complete merging with the people, in the form of obscene cries in pure Russian from the stage and exposing spicy parts of the body.

People came to look at all this riot of colors by paying from 300 to 1000 dollars for ordinary places and starting from 1500 dollars for VIP zones. Having recaptured, thus, the cost of the concert, approaching more than 20 million dollars, Madonna once again showed everyone that she was not going to grow old.

Elton John in Kazan

Despite the resistance of spiritual communities, for all known reasons, there will be a concert of Elton John in Kazan. Despite the modest budget of 1 million dollars, tickets are not planned to be modest 20.000-30.000 rubles VIP and 10000-15000 parterres.

The singer’s sweet-sounding voice, his brilliant jackets and no less brilliant command of the instrument, and Sir Elton John will be brought his personal piano, the lucky ones who bought tickets will be able to fully appreciate, as the concert organizers promise. Here, of course, there will be no fire show and throwing yourself into the crowd into the hands of fans – the elite will pay dearly for taste and aesthetics – and they will get it.

 Mylene Farmer

The concert of Mylene Farmer, which took place literally on November 4 in St. Petersburg, is the most expensive and difficult in terms of preparation, setting up light, sound and technical difficulties in building scenery, as the organizers say. An insane figure of 30 million euros is called.

The singer, who sings with sincere anguish about life and death, love and betrayal, puts on a costume show with a crowd of actors and other characters at each of her shows, and each show is excellent in plot and style. By the way, tickets could be bought for 3 thousand rubles. and for 30 thousand rubles, however, according to reviews, “no one left offended” – the red-haired beast gave it her all.