The best motivational films based on real events

We have collected motivational films of various genres for you. Stock up on popcorn, get comfortable and get ready to watch a movie that will change your perspective on life.

Big eyes

Life is the best screenwriter. The stories of some people are more impressive than the scripts of Hollywood movie makers. Therefore, I decided to start with paintings based on real events. And the tape “Big Eyes” leads our selection. In the center of the plot is the artist Margaret Keane, whose works were phenomenally successful in the 1950s. For a long time, her works were signed with her husband’s name. Later, Margaret had to defend her authorship in court. The director of the picture was the inimitable Tim Burton.

“Spacesuit and Butterfly”

Another life-affirming story formed the basis of the painting “The Spacesuit and the Butterfly”. The editor of Elle France magazine suffered a stroke in 43. When he regained consciousness, he found himself completely paralyzed. They moved


“1+1” is a stunning film, motivating for success in life, despite health problems. In the center of the plot, the story is not about love, as the title might suggest. The film tells the true story of friendship between a rich man who ended up in a wheelchair and the guy he hired. The paralyzed Philip Pozzo di Borgo himself, whose story was shown to us on the screen, insisted that the film be shot in the comedy genre. Only his left eye. With its help, the man dictated the book, on the basis of which a strong picture was taken.


The following story is based on the biography of Martin Luther King, who was the first leader of the black rights movement. The picture was called “Selma” in honor of the city where important historical events took place.

“In wild conditions”

Traveler Christopher McCandless spent his life “in wild conditions”. Coming from a wealthy family, he transferred all his money to charity and went on a trip to the American continent.


“Champion” is a motivational film about the success of a horse named Secretariat and his mistress Penny, who together managed to do the impossible – win the “Golden Crown” series three times in a row. The tape shows real people who faced their fears and found themselves in a seemingly hopeless situation, but continued to go towards their goal.

“Soul Surfer”

We all know that health problems can greatly change life and force you to give up your favorite activities. But not in the case of Bethany Hamilton. Since childhood, the girl was fond of surfing. At the age of 13, she was attacked by a shark in Hawaii. Bethany was left without her left arm, but that didn’t stop her on her way to becoming a professional surfer. She competed on an equal footing with everyone and became a prizewinner of prestigious championships. This is told in the tape “Soul Surfer”.

“The way home”

The long “Way Home” was overcome by Janusz Veszczek, who escaped from the Gulag together with a group of prisoners. A group of people overcame the cold of Siberia, hunger and thirst, the fear of being caught, the heat of the desert and many other hardships for the sake of one cherished goal – freedom.

“The King Speaks!”

The next biographical film about the achievement of the goal will take us to the palace of the British royal family. As it turned out, kings and princes face serious life challenges. The humble Prince Albert, the future King George VI, suffered greatly from stuttering. Almost giving up, he met with speech therapist Lionel Balka, who helped him get rid of his speech defect.

“Saving Mr. Banks”

We have all been familiar with the story of the magical nanny Mary Poppins since childhood. If we learned about her from the Soviet adaptation, then the Americans watched their version of the movie about Mary Poppins. But we are not talking about him, but about the tape, the plot of which tells us about the creation of this wonderful fairy tale. This picture is called “Saving Mr. Banks”. It is based on the biography of the author of the book about Mary Poppins, Pamela Travers.

“Eddie the Eagle”

“Eddie the Eagle” is another film about achieving the goal dedicated to the life story of a British skier who made history as the first representative of Great Britain in ski jumping at the Winter Olympics.


The painting “Dyka” will allow everyone to find themselves, as the main character did. Cheryl Strayed is going through a divorce and the death of her mother. To get rid of her heavy thoughts, she decides to hike a 1,100-mile stretch of the Pacific Hiking Trail by herself.

“Social network”

Mark Zuckerberg made history as the youngest billionaire in the world. This fact is motivating in itself. The picture “Social Network”, based on the biography of the creator of Facebook, will add even more confidence in one’s abilities.

“In pursuit of happiness”

Willie Smith is best known for his comedic roles in Men in Black. But, as it turned out, he is still a strong dramatic actor. This facet of his talent was revealed in the picture “In Pursuit of Happiness”. The plot revolves around a single father who radically changed his life.