Books about cult musicians and their bands

Biographies of famous musicians are often filmed. After all, their destinies, as well as the history of the creation of cult groups, are just a gift for screenwriters and directors: charismatic personalities, bright songs, ups and downs. Consider, for example, Oliver Stone’s Doors or Alex Cox’s Sid and Nancy.

No less interesting are books that deal with the work of various musical groups. We have selected 5 such publications.

The Rolling Stones. Inside view

Over the 55 years of existence, many legends have developed about The Rolling Stones. Dominique Lamblin is a happy witness to the heyday of Rolling: he was one of the first to appreciate their work.

Long-haired rebels in disheveled clothes began to win the love of the public in the early 60s. Their live performances have always been of amazing quality. Especially everyone was (and remains) crazy about the antics of the band’s permanent soloist Mick Jagger.

In a detailed story by Dominique Lamblain, there was a place for many interesting episodes from the life of The Rolling Stones, which were illustrated by unique photographs from the author’s archive.

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Kurt Cobain and Nirvana. Illustrated history of the band

Nirvana is not just a band. More than one generation has grown up on her songs, and many of the living stars can envy the popularity of the group. The band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014.

How did Nirvana, having only been around for seven years and released three studio albums in that time, been able to have such a huge impact on rock culture? Why did Kurt Cobain commit suicide? How were the biggest hits created? This book will help trace the path to success for the legendary Aberdeen trio. Here are collected the most interesting facts about Nirvana, as well as many illustrations: posters, concert tickets, photographs, album covers. This is the best gift for lovers of creativity of Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic.

Depeche Mode. Monument

Creativity Depeche Mode unites fans of different generations. The group still releases new albums and videos today, and hundreds of thousands of people come to its concerts. Collector Dennis Burmeister has been collecting everything related to Depeche Mode for many years. These are not only photographs, but also interviews, promotional materials, memoirs, which served as the basis for creating a detailed biography, the title of which speaks for itself. It really is a monument, a rock monument!

Dylan. Discography

Bob Dylan’s impact on the music industry and pop culture is hard to compare to anyone else. He is called the main American musician of the 1960s, whose fame still does not subside, and in 2016 even brought him the Nobel Prize in Literature. The author of this book, critic John Brim, focused on the main thing – the music that inspired dozens of artists around the world.

Together with other experts, Brim analyzes each of Dylan’s 38 studio albums to show the singer’s development from one work to another. It is impossible to completely reveal the secret of his popularity (now even entire academic studies are devoted to this topic), but a detailed analysis of the discography will help make sure that Dylan is not just a musician, but the greatest poet and innovator of our time.

Leningrad. Incredible and true story of the band. Maxim Semelyak

New hits of “Leningrad” appear constantly, clips collect tens and hundreds of millions of views, and quotes from their songs instantly fill the Internet space. By the 20th anniversary of the group, journalist and writer Maxim Semelyak has already written the second book about it, supplementing his story with new stories.

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The history of the new “Leningrad” is really incredible: returning to the stage after a long break is rarely successful, and Sergei Shnurov and his associates managed not only to return to their former recognition, but also to break their own records. Now “Leningrad” is a big topical show, always on the verge of absurdity and connected with the surrounding reality like no other musical phenomenon.